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Marriage License - KY
God and state are separate. It's like, yes you can stand there and say you don't agree BUT you still have to issue the license because you work for the government. The government pays you to do this job, not God. She can sit there and grumble all she wants, as long as she's handing that shoot over.
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Forreal! I read that she still isn’t issuing marriage licenses. Ugh. Bugs me SO much! Can she not just do her job?
@nicolejb she just needs to find a job with a company that suits her religious views. I'm sure there are plenty of companies out there. she's probably worried about the benefits she'd losing, which is understandable but still, if she feels that strongly about her religion, then she needs to quit.
Exactly @Matokokepa! If you’re religious views go against the law, then maybe it’s time to find another job.