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"We have no chill."

Taylor Swift is pretty excited that she just received and Emmy so naturally she takes to Instagram to show just how excited she is. From the Instagram posts, the Emmy was delivered in an overnight delivery that ultimately left Swift in shock and complete surprise. The Emmy's arrival was something new for Swift as she noted "I DID NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING."
Swift received the Emmy on September 12, only two days after being told that she won an Emmy thanks to a tweet from The Hollywood Reporter. Swift tweeted at THR saying, "1. Wakes up 2. Reads this 3. Thinks it's a prank 4. Calls everyone to check 5. It's real 6." Swift earned the Emmy for her Original Interactive Program for AMEX Unstaged : Taylor Swift Experience, a digital online and app program that allowed fans to explore and interact behind the scenes with the sets that Blank Space took place in. Swift not only starred in Blank Space but was also the executive producer credit on the project.
Swift also is getting a ton of publicity for recently releasing her newest music video for pop single, "Wildest Dreams". Though she got a lot of heat at first for critics claiming the video was racist, Swift persevered and her director trumped accusations. Swift is on a quest to have every one of her songs to go platinum, a feat only successfully completed by Michael Jackson and arch-foe Katy Perry. Swift wants to beat Perry so she will do whatever it takes to win the battle. I guess we'll see if she's successful.

So what do you think of Swift's Emmy?

I think she deserved it!!!! I love her music and it's mad cute she's taking selfies with it hahaha
I would geek out, too. You have no idea. :P
An Emmy is pretty awesome! Girl has so much talent, she doesn’t even know how to handle it.