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so alot of people did this challenge and i been wanting to do it also....just for the fun of it here is mine........
Lock Screen........ i couldnt really take a picture of it because it didnt work but this is the picture in my lock screen
Home Screen...... welll i cant really show you my home screen because it a shuffle of random gifs but i took pictures of the ones that came out
the app thats circled is the one i use for my home screen which is my gifs shuffle
so that my wallpaper challenge hope you liked it.......you guys should do it too :[] love you guys bye bye <3
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@vicky1990 if you want i could make a card to show you????
2 years ago·Reply
yes plz @B1A4BTS5ever am soo slow on this things
2 years ago·Reply
@vicky1990 okay ill make a card and tag you in it
2 years ago·Reply
thank you @B1A4BTS5ever
2 years ago·Reply
@vicky1990 welcome :)
2 years ago·Reply