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You can be whoever and whatever you want to be.

If you remember my previous card on the amazing model with down syndrome who followed her dreams, well she's back and still being absolutely amazing. As you all know, it is New York Fashion Week and some of the most fabulous models get the opportunity to walk in the top designers runway shows.
Let's just say, Madeline Stuart [see card here] stole the show while strutting her stuff down the runway at the FDL Moda Runway Show [showcasing those living with disabilities] at Grand Central Station this weekend. She looked so amazing wearing not only one, but three outfits including a beautiful gold one shoulder dress that dragged behind her. She ended the show wearing an amazing shirt that read, "I AM NYFW." -- I mean obviously. She was the entire show. Talk about powerful.

It's safe to say that she easily put Cinderella to shame.

Talk about the ultimate dream come true.
This is amazing. I'm really proud for her!
I am glad she opened up more opportunities for people with down syndrome! And yes she looks amazing!
YES! She is so amazing!!!! @alywoah
OOohhh look her struttin all that confidence. you go gurl!
yes! she looks absolutely stunning. I am so happy for her. that is a memory that will last a lifetime @mchlyang @ButterflyBlu @marshalledgar
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