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Fall will be back in town before we know it.

We literally have one week before the crisp all smacks us in the face and the color leaves begin to fall from the trees. Oh fall, we have missed you dearly. As the weather quickly changes, we should be making a few changes in our wardrobe as well. Say goodbye to sleeveless tops and hello to sweaters, turtlenecks and jackets. I honestly think that the fall has the best fashion hands down out of all the seasons.
One of the reoccurring trends this season that I am super excited to bring back out of my closet would have to be the turtleneck trend. At one point a turtleneck was an item of clothing that your mother forced you to wear on those cold winter mornings and you absolutely hated it. Now turtlenecks are super chic and can easily make any look stylish. If you didn't partake in the turtleneck trend last season, there is always this season. Keep scrolling for a bit of fall inspiration and some turtlenecks that you might need to add to your wardrobe.

The Black Turtleneck

Black is a color that can pretty much go with anything. Your closet must have a black turtleneck hanging in it this fall. It's an essential piece and an essential color that your body will thank you for on those chilly days.

The Striped Turtleneck

Similar to the black turtleneck, every person should own at least one striped turtleneck. Black and white is always the perfect color combination to settle on.

The Camel Turtleneck

The wardrobe wouldn't be complete without a camel colored turtleneck. It's chic, the perfect neutral shade and camel is on trend.

The Chunky Cropped Turtleneck

Who doesn't love a crop top and who doesn't love a chunky sweater? Put them both together and you have this comfortable baby that will keep you warm and stylish on even the coldest day.

Now you see why they say, "mother knows best"

She knew turtlenecks would be the fashion craze years later.
Haha so true, mother knows best. Although I seriously doubted it when she used to make me wear my hideous candy-cane patterned turtle neck around the holidays as a youngun!!!
hahaha!!! omg im sure you looked super adorbs in that. at least you didnt wear coke bottle glasses like myself for 13 years :) @allischaaff