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I was really (really) debating whether or not to share this with the world of Vingle: my 30-day body transformation began today. For real! I'm sure there are others out there that are struggling with weight...struggling with body image...struggling with eating...struggling with consistency...struggling with a variety of things that contribute to healthy living and body sculpting. Yes--I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!!!!!!!
This is a picture of, not me, but Robins Dorvil. I've been following this guy for some time on Instagram, along with many other fitness dudes. This is the picture that did it for me. It's the one that said, Marshall, get your life back--NOW!
So, while I have not yet decided to show actual, real pictures of me, during this process, tell me if it would be beneficial to you or not if I shared my progress.

Day 1

Height - 5'5''
Weight - 163 (+/- 2 pounds)
Waist - 30


1. Attain the impossible 27" waist (not concerned with scale at this time)
2. Body Definition


Carb cycling
No cheat meals
I am prepping my food twice a week on Sundays and Wednesdays.


I am a member of LA Fitness. So you can guess where I will be for the next 30 days!
My routine is going to be a flex-six with one day rest. I am doing strength training mixed with drop-down cardio and quarantined core.
My 3-year transformation inspiration is this guy, Matt Ogus. He's 5'6", just one inch taller than me. So...I figure, I can (hopefully) attain this level of physique in about 3 years (or so).
Oh no!! We'll miss you in Cocktails!! (although hopefully you'll be back soon - mwahahah) BUT! I wish you so much luck and good vibes as you set out on this transformational journey :) I believe in you!! It feels SO amazing to get your eating and fitness goals on track. That last pic - WOW. I don't know if everyone can achieve that kind of body. It's certainly going to be a lot of hard work. But I bet you'll be looking and feeling so much better about yourself in no time! Good luck @marshalledgar <3<3<3
This means a dry 30 days--no spirits for me. My lush living in LA has to be put on hold. LOL I should warn the Cocktails Community and my fellow imbibers: @rodiziketan @allischaaff @TessStevens @buddyesd (and the rest of my Vinglers!)
Lean and mean. Emphasis on scary mean! haha Thanks @alywoah. I paid the mint for a custom designed program from a trainer and nutritionist. I either spend money on looking better and getting fit or buying bigger clothes.
it wouldn't hurt me to start myself
@marshalledgar good luck bro, I'm rooting for you :)
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