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Today's Word or Phrase is: "Pata Sucia"

This is used to describe someone who goes out into public without any shoes. Oh god, and especially at the vomit-infested and god-knows-what-else clubs. This can also be used to describe someone who is walking to or from the club without shoes. Holding your shoes in your hands? You're still a "pata sucia."
The literal translation for this phrase: "dirty hoof."

Examples of How to Use the Word

"Bro what the fu*k is she doing walking on Calle Ocho with no shoes?! Superrrr pata sucia!"
"Giovanna told me she was walking all pata sucia and sh*t at Cameo. Like, what is her lifeee, bro!?"
"You're better off wearing chancletas, than being a pata sucia!"
@alywoah yup. I hope she drove, because if she walked that's ultimate disgusting
@alywoah lol. I had a mom pick up her child last school year with "pata sucia" we all stood there in disguise.
@alywoah on taking a screenshot and sending it her. She deserves to know of her fame. :P
We totally used the hell out of that phrase back in our days. Lol!
hahahaa man a part of me can actually believe she walked there pata sucia! @karencorchado
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