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Hey everybody! In continuing with what I'm dubbing Mario Week I wanted to pose this question to the gaming community here on Vingle, and also to anyone who has some input on it.
There have been two major franchise competitors over the history of gaming. These iconic characters are Sonic and Mario. Really, both are almost equally as recognizable in the large scale, though Mario probably edges Sonic out in terms of proliferation.
What I'm wondering is which franchise is better?
One the one hand, you've got Mario, the de facto King of Videogames. He is all over everything, his games have sold half a billion units, and he has had unique appearances in 116 different titles.
He spawned an entire generation of video games and is still coming out with new games even in this modern era of gaming which focuses ever-more on realism. Mario is instantly recognizable in his blue overalls and red shirt and hat. And that mustache!
On the other hand, you've got the blue blur himself, Sonic the Hedgehog. Always playing second fiddle to Mario it seems, Sonic has been trailing behind Mario's popularity despite his speed (eh? EH?)
However, fans of Sonic almost universally have more fervor in their love for their anthropomorphic hero. The level of Sonic fanart and memery on the web is astounding. Seriously. Google it.
(But keep your safesearch on - the internet is a strange place, man.)
Mario has been in over a hundred titles. Not all of them are winners, to be sure, but there are some amazing gems in there: Super Mario Bros, Super Mario World 3, Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine. The first two Super Smash Bros. (Sonic is in the third and fourth)
Sonic has had fewer games, but still an admirable amount. At roughly 50 games and just over 150 million units sold, the franchise isn't beating Mario on a numbers level. However, that is still an impressive amount of content for the franchise. For any franchise, really.
There's also some quality games buried in there, underneath some of the bad ones. You've got Sonic Adventure, Sonic & Knuckles, Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Sonic DX, and Sonic Heroes (Yeah, I know. I didn't hate Sonic Heroes)
Looking at the memes that come up for both of these icons, the pickings for good Mario memes are pretty weak, if I say so myself. And I do. These are weak. Honestly, that mushrooms one is the best one I've found after at least 30 mins of searching for Mario memes. Not bad, but not really good, either.
In terms of sheer memery, though, Sonic takes the whole goddamned cake. I mean, these are just a small sampling of the truly amazing, absurd memes that Sonic has elicited in his career.
Seriously. Sanic was destined for meme greatness.
So I'm asking this to every Vingler around - taking all this into consideration.

Which franchise do you think is best?

Mainly because of Shadow, who is literally the coolest XD
@danidee @shannonl5 DEN-IM DEN-IM DEN-IM, DEN-IM DEN-IM DEN-IM, den-im den-im den-im
the time they fought to the death at the Olympics is the winner
I like the whole Sonic and Tails deal. however I do like Luigi with a raccoon tail Super Mario Brothers 3. it's just very cool and hard at the same time. total brain freeze!
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