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Do You Want to Study Korean?
I've been super slacking on my Korean studies and I need some people to keep my motivated!

Let's be study buddies!

Have you ever been watching a show and it hits you that you're only understanding about 40% of what is going on?

You're usually cool with that but for some reason its bugging you today..


You barely have time for all that homework you haven't done yet...

But I've got a challenge for you!

I'll give you one little phrase that you can use in real life (maybe not the most useful, but definitely something you hear your biases say often)

This isn't homework, or a test, or anything to stress about


So that when people start talking about you being a kpop-obsessed 외국인 (foreigner) you can bust out the HAN-GUK-EO.

and say "aw HELL no I'm a KOREAN-SPEAKING kpop-obsessed foreigner"
Follow my Translation Challenge collection >>HERE<< and let's get learning!
PS if you haven't joined the Learn Korean community >>here<< yet, JOIN!!!!!!
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Tip: Try making flash cards. That's how I memorized my vowels and constanants. 아 = a, 야 = ya, 우 = u, 유 = yu, 에 = e, 예 = ye, 어 = eo, 여 = yeo, 오 = o, 요 = yo, 애 = ae, 얘 = yae, 이 = i, 왜 = wae, 워 = wo, 웨 = we, 위 = wi, 와 = wa, 으 = eu, 의 = ui ㅍ = p, ㄱ = g, ㄲ = kk, ㄸ = tt, ㄷ = d, ㄴ = n, ㅅ = s, ㅆ = ss, ㅈ = j, ㅉ = jj, ㅊ = ch, ㅎ = h, ㅇ = ng, ㅁ = m, ㅋ = k, ㅌ = t, ㅂ = b, ㅃ = pp, ㄹ = r. Now what I have trouble is memorizing words and how to spell them... but hwaiting everyone!
It wasn't easy! I started making flash cards after a while because they wouldn't stick in my head lol but then I started looking at hangul like a picture. For example: Consonant (ㄴ) looks like a nose and what does nose start with? "n" Example 2: Vowel: most/some vowels have a letter or 2 and then adding another stick ( 아 to 야 ) adds a "y" in front of that letter.... 아 = a . as to 야 = ya. Or 오 looks like a person doing the splits and you normally say "o" or ouch which starts with an "o". It's complicated but with patience and time you'll get it! I believe in you :) @sherrysahar
feel free to use anything I've post or ask me anything... I'd be happy to take part or contribute in any way
@Annahizaragoza how did u do it lol i tried sooo hard lol but i got confused soo much they all look and sound similar i keep getting them mixed up lol help i mean the letters and vowels.
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