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In the previous card you learned what 죽겠다 means, so what does THIS phrase mean?!
Romanized: "kwi-yeo-weo juk-ket-da"

Leave your answers/guesses in the comments!

I'll update the card with the answer and an explanation tomorrow!

If you don't know and just want the explanation, leave a comment and I'll tag you when I post the answers!


귀여워 = 귀엽다 = cute!
and last time we learn 죽겠다 means "going to die"
SO: if you add an adjective in front of 죽겠다, it means "so _____ I'm going to die!"
귀여워 죽겠다 - It's so cute I'm going to die!
더워 죽겠다 - It's so hot I'm going to die!
추워 죽겠다 - It's so cold I'm going to die!
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Its so cute im going to die<<<< :D cute I'm going to die?..I think haha
Yay close enough! xD And I can say I learned something today... I'm not completely hopeless
@kpopandkimchi Woozi is perfect for this btw XD