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I shared about the striking trend of dahlias for weddings this year. You can read about it here.
This stunning floral design is by Tulipina, out of San Francisco. You've seen her work on here before. While I am a huge fan of hers, I want to point out WHY I AM.
For starters, the lines of her designs are feminine and pretty. The composition is traditionally asymmetrical, which I love, yet remains grounded and balanced. Her color choices are so exact that her designs feel as though the flowers were grown specifically for each design. There's a mix of water color hues and pigmented saturation in others that makes the eye work. I love that. Her designs are smartly created to make the eye look at every detail.
The other thing that I love is that she isn't afraid to mix fruits and vegetables with her floristry. Notice the pears on the table? While they're not spiked into the urn, among the flowers, they are gently placed beside it. That's all on purpose and part of the design! LOVE THAT!
Who's your favorite floral designer?
This type of grandiose floral display would be perfect for weddings! This is something that could go just about ANYWHERE, except the dining table. I say that because this design breaks the 12 inch and 22 inch rule. You can read more about tablescape rules from another Vingler, @NixonWoman. She is an industry professional who has great ideas, which you can see and read about here.