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Lego Dimensions is the latest Lego based action-adventure game coming to consoles and it looks amazing. It follows multiple characters from different franchises on an adventure to save their respective friends. That last sentence sounds a little to vague. Basically, Lego Dimensions will have characters from:
DC Comics, The Lord of the Rings, The Lego Movie, The Wizard of Oz, The Simpsons, Lego Ninjago, Doctor Who, Back to the Future, Portal 2, Ghostbusters, Midway Arcade, Scooby-Doo, Lego Chima, and Jurrasic World.
It seems more franchises will be added post-launch but this seems like a wild enough cast to start out with. The Lego games have always had a large cast of characters but we've never seen them all together at once.
In what seems like a game that might backfire because of casting issues, it looks like the team behind Lego Dimensions has their bases covered. In the video above, you can get a taste of the voice-cast for the game. They even reunited Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox for the Back to the Future portions of the game.
The most interesting thing to me about the cast is that Chris Pratt plays both his character from The Lego Movie and the raptor guy from Jurassic World (this should supply some good humor if the two characters on the screen at the same time). And a couple of other actors from The Lego Movie returned to voice their respective characters.
And that being said, it's almost like Lego Dimensions is a sequel or a one-off story in The Lego Movie universe. It's almost like this game allows us to play the next installment in that series and I could not be any more excited for it.
I'm usually not excited for Lego video games but the possibilities and the worlds we get to explore through the game is what piqued my interest. It seems like the developers are trying to capture the feeling of playing with Legos when you were a kid. It didn't matter if one Lego you had was from a different set. Everything went together and it was awesome.
It'll appeal to adults who remember the old days of imagination and plastic blocks. And it'll appeal to younger audience because Legos are awesome, it's a fact. There's so much happening in this game I can't wait to see how it turns out after it comes out on September 27th, 2015.
This game looks very cool. My son and I are both looking forward to it. These games are pretty awesome because then when grandparents buy the new sets, it scans right into the game. It becomes interactive on a whole new level. I enjoy it and he does, too. Seriously, though, the sheer number of game figures in my house would blow your mind. (Amiibo, Skylander, etc.) This will only get worse with this game. Lol. But we've enjoyed the others. This one looks even cooler. ^.^
By which I mean this game looks like everything I've ever wanted in a Lego game. It looks like they're pulling out all the stops and really going for the most amazing thing they could possibly create with this one. Generally, lego games are good, but this one looks like it's already GOTY. I will get a PS4 hopefully in the next few months and you bet your sweet ass I'm getting this and all the dumb-ass tertiary paraphernalia that is marketed with it.