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All but one of my favorite groups is about to have a comeback....HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SURVIVE ALL THIS!? *fangirl down* (also I love this gif of Taeyang xD <3)
They just announced a GOT7 comeback!! Super Junior is also having a comeback and so is F(x), Block B's Kyung, Super Juniors' Kyuhyun, and BTS!! The only one of my top fav groups not having a comeback is BigBang... hopefully I didn't just jinx that..
I'm going to have too many new good songs by my fav groups coming out around the same time and just sjvosoabxosnrkpcsnla.... <3 sooo excited for all the comebacks but my inner fangirl is crying from being overwhelmed and the comebacks haven't even started yet xD Super Junior is first starting this week with MAGIC!!!!
Technically you should include BigBang because the entire MADE album is coming out in a few weeks and it's going to have all the singles and new music.
actually Big Bang and iKon are coming back with songs. in pretty sure that Big Bang is making a full MADE album with new songs and iKon has 4 new songs after their debut one.
So many comebacks not enough cash 馃槶馃槶 these are really hard times for Kpop fans we must save for more. Let me just says Super Junior omg they killed me with MAGIC lol have you guys seen it it's amazing the older they are the hotter they get seriously my feels omg
I feel you hun... I'm thinking of asking ft iTunes gift cards for my birthday which is in a month just so I have the funds to buy all this new music. 2015 definitely has been a good year for Kpop tho
@SkullBunneh yes it totally has!! great year to be a Kpop fan! <3
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