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A team called The Healthy Roots, students from Rhode Island School of Design and Brown University have created a new doll!
The team are passionate about children, social change,and natural hair. Because of this, they created dolls that come in different skin tones, hair textures, and facial features!

Look at the variety! I also love how there's a diversity of dolls now being created. I know for myself, growing up, I saw myself comparing myself to the classic Barbie doll. Today, little girls can play with dolls from all kinds of backgrounds, that have so many different appearances.
The Healthy Roots' goal is to educate mothers and children about natural hair.
This also reminds me of The Angelica doll created by Angelica Sweeting. The idea was similar: to create a doll that little black girls can relate to.
"Everyone deserves to be represented and no one should feel inferior because of the kink of their curl or the color of their skin.Our goal is not only to create a product but a social impact. We aren’t just selling a doll, we are promoting culture, identity and love." (The Healthy Roots)
The Healthy Roots currently has four dolls: African-American, Haitian, Nigerian, and Afro-Brazilian. To learn more about the dolls, the website is here.
This is awesome! When a beauty standard is represented one way, at such a young age, it becomes the norm. this is empowering young girls to see beauty in other ways! love it!
this amazing and so important.Little brown girls need to know that they are beautiful.
Im glad there are people like the members of The Healthy Roots! They are truly making the world a better place!