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As a kid my favorite video game genre was the point-and-click adventure. They taught me how to read and problem-solve (most adventures have you use your wit to progress through the game instead of violence). And when I saw Gustavo Viselner's pixel-art homages to some movies, I couldn't help but think what these movies would be like as point-and-click adventures.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Now, adventure games rarely have any action like this. It's always point then click, then "use item" or "speak to". Honestly, the way I'd picture this game unfolding is that this would be the opening cutscene. So, you'd see pixelated versions of your favorite Avengers fighting Ultron, then it would go into the backstory for each Avenger. And those vignettes would have the standard adventure game puzzles.

The Pick of Destiny

Tenacious D and The Pick of Destiny would be perfect if it were reimagined as an adventure game. It'd be humorous and somewhat silly. Much like the movie, they'd be looking for The Pick of Destiny but instead of jokes and comedic set-pieces, there would be puzzles that you'd have to solve in order to progress through the game. But every solution would follow the weird "adventure game logic" which can be describe as finding normally useless items, combining them, and using them on a door to open it.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly would have a more serious tone. The puzzles would be logical -- by human standards -- and there would be little to no action in the game. There'd be a couple mini-games where you can use your mouse to aim and shoot bottles off a fence or something but you'd be playing this game mainly for its story and the final duel at the end. Oh yeah, dueling would be a mini-game as well.

Star Wars

If a Star Wars adventure game existed while I was growing up, I don't think I'd ever leave the house. There's something about being the world of that movie that feels so safe and comforting to me. I could already see myself playing it over and over again. I'd help Luke solve little brain teasers in his mind and unlock the power of the force. During trench sequence, the game wouldn't become an action game. Instead, it'd be like a Simon Says, you'd have to press the right buttons in the correct order on the X-Wing's console. It'd be a tense but beautiful experience.
Are there any movies you wish were made into video games? @VinMcCarthy @buddyesd @ButterflyBlu
that's a good question, i kind of wouldn't mind seeing the Hunt for Red October. puzzle solving and navigation of a sub 😃
I really want an amazing Kill Bill game. Seriously. (I know there is that one the PSP.) I'm constantly saying, "Oh this would be a killer game" when watching movies. Now I just have to remember what they were. >.< I'll get back to you, lol
this is awesome! I love pixel art things, and even more so when it combines genres!