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It's not even fall yet and spring hairstyles are trending.

Thanks to fashion week, we got a first look at not only the fashion trends that will be on the rise this spring -- but also, the hair trends. If you're tired of your normal routine, you will be able to choose from several options next season that are low maintenance and stylish.
No need to question a thing, if it was featured during fashion -- it's automatically poppin'. The great thing about these hairstyles is that you can wear them now if you wanted. No need to rush, but take some time to bask in the beauty of these amazing hairstyles everyone should be wearing this spring in the images seen below.

The Ponytail

Some like it high and some like it low, but whatever preference you have -- the ponytail is a definite must this spring. That doesn't mean you have to wait. Get on trend ahead of the crowd.

The Creative Bun

Of course buns were going to make the list. This spring we are taking buns to another level. Get creative and venture away from the normal messy bun or top knot. The key is to have texture and use a lot of hairspray.

The Braid

A braid throughout your hair can put a twist on your entire look. Think Victorian. Whether you do two french braids, the messy braid, one around the perimeter or a braid around your bun -- braids are definitely a thing this spring. But when were they not?

The Slick Back

The only thing more better than a bun itself, is a slicked back bun. Easily screams sleek and chic.

The Polished Waves

They call them polished waves. Just think of it as a fancy term for curls. The perfect hairstyle for the warm weather. Just think Carrie Bradshaw.

So ladies, what will be your go to hairstyle this spring?

Don't all speak at once.
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Yea black would look great in the winter. I'll try g stay purple for winter till I get bored of it then I'll do black mid winter and bleach it to blog and go cherry blog for spring. oh yes. this is going to be fun haha
you're welcome! do the red in the fall & save the black for the winter. absolutely perfect @DeadlyCyanide
@jordanhamilton haha thank you. maybe I should go black for spring or maybe redish
I love fall and purple hair sounds extremely fly and chic! @DeadlyCyanide
or fall I mean lol. I don't so much for spring. fall is mt big season.
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