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Think about it what would you wish for? That question crossed my mind a moment of so ago. I've been sitting here dumbfounded like shit I don't know. Literally I have no idea what I'd wish for. Usually I don't want much out of life but there's a wish involved here. So all these things popped in my head. My first thought was move to Texas duh. Then I was like wait what if I wished for alot of money? I can help my parents and move plus donate to some charities. Then my inner hippie kicked in. What about the big picture dude? So then I was like what if I wished all the north Koreans free from the dictatorship? I know most of you are like the fuck? Literally I hate seeing people suffer cause I know what it's like to. After the documentaries I saw on north Korea I was like damn those poor people. Those things are happening and not much can be done. So if I had a wish why not help a whole society? In all honesty though I'm not sure what I would wish for. How bout all of you what would you wish for?
I know exactly what mine would be: The infinite pocket - no matter what I'm wearing or where I am, I will always take out from my pocket exactly what I want, no matter what pocket or what size it is.
Probably something complicated, like a gift economy for the globe, or an easy and accessible cure for every disease. Or for everything to fast forward and just become like Star Trek.... since that's what it's like there XD