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There are so many ways we can keep active -- the list is just about endless. Keeping our bodies moving, doesn't always just have to be at a gym. It we can do anything from hiking, to kickboxing.
I thought I'd never truly enjoy working out -- until I discovered powerlifting.

What's a fun way you keep active?

And how did you start getting involved in it?

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I would love to get into salsa @falcon4daisy! I’m tried merengue once and fell in love. Dancing is probably on of the funnest ways to get fit in my opinion!
@Marshalledgar goooooo! seriously, the reason they are so popular is because they are so fun. you feel silly the first 5 minutes, but then everyone is so encouraging and smiling, it makes it really fun!
@nicolejb thanks. I think I will. I don't mind feeling silly...any tips??
hmmm. well get there early because the more popular classes fill up fast. thank your teacher after and introduce yourself! the instructors sometimes will give you tips or helpful hints to get a better workout too! and, the most important tip: have fun :) @marshalledgar
wow, thanks @nicolejb my 30 day body challenge started yesterday. I'm aching for that impossible 27" waist