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Most Annoying Anime Character Most Loved Anime Character...Inuyasha Edition

This was made by @poojas I think, but I found this challenge on someone else's card. Here is the link. @shannonl5 @NSSagasshi @ErinGregory @SharayahTodd @kpopandkimchi @VixenViVi @VeronicaArtino Basically, you make a card of the most annoying anime character for you. This is all for fun amigos! But imma add my own flavor and put my favorite characters and my least favorite ones in one if my all time favorite anime.
One of my favorite all time anime shows is INUYASHA! This was love at first sight. There are so many plots I can't name them all. However, if you love drama and action then you will love this show.
Inuyasha of course is the main character. He's super hot in an anime way. I love those puppy ears! Anyway, he's half human and half dog demon. He doesn't remember must about his past but pain and being alone. That's way he can come off as harsh, close off, and a hot mess. But he is a bad ass and he comes from a blood line of bad asses.
Ah...Prince Sesshomaru is my first husband. G-Dragon I still love you too boo! Anyway, this is Inuyasha's half brother. Unlike Inuyasha Prince Sesshomaru is full demon. Sesshomaru is not your typical hero he is actually seen as a villain at first. Just like Inuyasha he has daddy issues. He feels that his father's death was because of Inuyasha's mother. If he didn't fall in love with a human...Sesshomaru felt that he would still be alive. Prince Sesshomaru is cold, bad ass warrior, and arrogant. I love him though...he's so misunderstood.
The brothers dad is Inu no Taishō (犬の大将, "Dog General"). They all look alike. The second picture is of him with his baby mommas lol. Inuyasha's mother was a human princess btw.
Finally....the annoying one. Kagome. She is so stupid and dumb. They try to make her seem strong....but I think she's weak. Yeah she is Kikyo's reincarnation but she's not as tough as Kikyo. She's the reason why the jewel was broken to pieces. She's emotional at the wrong times. Throughout the series I was like OMG stand up for yourself! Stop sending mixed messages to Inuyasha! Kagome fans might get upset but judgment zone lol.
inuyasha is still my favorite anime ever since I was a kid staying up until 530 am just to watch it
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