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HELLO! MY BEAUTIFUL FAMILY! Well...virtual family. @AkiraCondry's challenge...:) Thank you @poojas for making me search all through my library of anime. :p Now here's a brief reminder, I love anime. I try to understand some strange animes, and some I grew to love. But....
NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES I WATCH AKIKAN!, I CAN'T SEE THE POINT IN IT! I'm really, really, really sorry to thkse who love it but...Turning soda cans into girls...
I saw like a clip of the first episode and I did what senpai up there did. ^-• So yeah, here's an description from Smosh cause they were my first result when I searched Akikan....yeah.. One day soda cans across Japan start turning into girls, each desperately needing to drink their respective soda to live (in what essentially comes across as self-feeding vampires). But the real reason they’ve suddenly appeared is so the “aluminum can” girls and “steel can” girls can fight to the death for superiority in a plot that reads as “Transformers versus Decepticons if both sides wore short skirts and were heavily sponsored by beverage companies." Make sure to try doing Akira's challenge! ♡ ya, amazing peeps!
@poojas sodas? hmmm....Diet Pepsi, my guy friends got me hooked.
Omg, why does such an anime exist. And I'm totally imagining our anime community as soda cans right now...XD @NerukaWong @biancadanica98 @RosePark @FrankilliMambo @SunnyV @AimeeH ...what sodas would we be lol? XD
I'd be Root Beer! @poojas
@NerukaWong I'd be Coca Cola lol