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You know how when you're little you think about Prince charming ? You know from looks to personalities?
when I was little I would imagine my guy, my Prince charming and I would always picture a guy with an amazing smile, cute cheeks,perfect lips,manly face, dreamy eyes,and an unbelievable laugh
That guy literally was song mino when I saw him back when he was huge boy mino I literally stared at him for a hour because I couldn't believe he existed
my friend couldn't believe it she thought I was childish. I cried cause he was real but way outta my reach. I mean this is my guy my dream guy and he wasn't even close enough to touch
maybe it's better this way at least I get to look at him instead of wondering if he exists I know he exists that great I guess
it sucks cause he doesn't even know that he was the guy I thought about every say since I was 5 I mean I used to draw him and Imagine him as my imaginary boyfriend and tell my grandma he was gonna take me to our wedding on a giant ice block.( I was gonna be an ice skater)
Oh well I was just thinking out loud I guess single has become my journal. didn't mean to type your ear off
Ugh this is why I both love and hate kpop. At least you know there is a guy out there that fits your dream guy and if there are billions of other people on earth there has to be someone else like that, right!?
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Yea but where they at though? lol
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