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Thanks to @poojas I have to pick my favorite anime openings, So I have a lot of opening that I love when it comes to anime, but inuyasha is my all time favorite, I never once skipped it! This is also my favorite anime. I have not finished this anime yet cause I'm gonna cry when it ends! So I'm just gonna take my time and make it last forever!!
I learned every word in like a short period of time! I still sing it now!! But this is my favorite openings
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This was the first season I do believe!! Lol
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@StephersTaylor Ah okay okay!
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man my childhood T.T not only this one but every song in Inuyasha *cries*
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Mine too @RosePark
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burst into song "I want to change the world!" This is the best anime ever, I love it and this show has the best songs in it!
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