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So...@poojas tagged me. I had to. -_(○~○)_- So favorite anime song, eh? Sorry @poojas, I have to drag out this one. Sorrry!!
One of my favorites, and definitely staying in the top 5 is Kuroshitsuji's Books Of Circus Enamel. Its just like walking into a ballroom that makes you dance around, around *starts getting dazed* and around... Anyways! The begining part basically describes the entire arc for me, it has the really inncoent feel but sto- oh just watch it. :)
Somewhere lost in the forests of favorites, there it lies glistening and nonforgotten, FAIRY TAIL'S STRIKE BACK! (also known as opening 16). I remembered being so hyped up when this came up, ahh yeah..good times... :). Go ahead, watch it.
So here ya go, Tokyo Ghoul...*getting dazed again* ANYWAYS! There is no talking me outta this one, I love it and I always will. There's no explanation needed.
Yep. Sword Art Online was one of my anime peaks and basically corrupted me. COUGH COUGH LOOKING AT YOU GREENIE COUGH COUGH. Ahem, sorry. Crossing Field is just so innocent (Did I tell you that I have a thing for innocent openings) and just fills me up with awesomeness. Did that sound reasonable? Nope.
Hello Sleepwalkers. Noragami. Not many people I know, know of it. WHICH IS WHY PEOPLE STARE AT ME IF I'M CRAZIER WHEN I SING IT. *laughs* Its a badass song, I happen to fall in love with it. Plus who like the color thing, like only certain colors showed up? I thought it was cool.
Alright, my beautiful family. Its a stop. A stop to scrolling so much. Hope you like them! These were my childhood favorites! Remember to try out @poojas challenge thingy. :)
Noragami was awesome!!! ^^ and also Kuroshitsuji's Book of Circus! I've watched those and as well as Tokyo Ghoul :D
Wooo! Nice~ Love both "People in the box" and "One OK Rock"!
This is awesome! I'm gonna be listening to all of these right now! :)