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It's Monday madness!

And I'm feeling pretty funky this week. @poojas is asking what our favorite anime opening song is, and this one is hands-down my favorite. Tank! from Cowboy Bebop. It totally sets the tone for the entire show. The bright colors, amazing soundtrack, and the kind of frenzied movement: it's all really evocative of a time and place that are long gone, but the spirit is still alive.

The four main characters.

I feel like this moment really shows what these people are like. Jet is really stable, while Faye is being tugged between two competing poles. Spike is sort of light-footed, and Ed is riding the flow.

Here's the full track

Every song from this series is incredible, and the opening theme in particular is an amazing jazz track. Enjoy!
And thank you again to @poojas for tagging me!
@jiggzy19 thank you! It's the first anime I really enjoyed and the music is what got me into it so I'm very grateful to it ^_^
I love love love this song and the whole soundtrack for "Cowboy Bebop" I thoroughly enjoyed!
@RosePark I knowww!!! T_T I can't believe my first anime broke my heart like this... and then I still liked anime anyway!
ohhhh the feels T.T and the memories as well!!
@shannonl5 I feel like it's about time I watch Cowboy Bebop! Thanks for doing the challenge! :)
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