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Enjoy Vinglers!

10. Brandon Phillips "butt tags" Jonathn Villar. Welcome to the MLB!

9. My ball....balls!

8. An awful ceremonial first pitch from Korea.

7. Ladies and gentleman, the 2012 Houston Astros.

6. Double Trouble. Double Fail.

5. Mariah Carey in Japan. She needs to stick to singing.

4. This is why your Little League coach always tells you not to slide into first.

3. Buchholz needs to pick up that rosin bag!

2. Not A.J. Burnett though.

1. I hope he didn't get fired after that. The camera looks mad expensive.

Bonus: The Kimbrel Impersonators.

So my fellow baseball fans in Vingle!

What is your favorite baseball blooper from the list?

If you missed that bad @ButterflyBlu, then you ass-ed for it. Hehehehe
@butterflyblu I definitely would practice. like a bunch. I'm not trying to get booed out of the stadium. no bueno.
@mchlyang yeah that's exactly the one! that ish is crazy to me.
@VinMcCarthy Hahahahahaahahahahah that's so true. And yes I know who you're talking about. She's actually a rhythmic gymnast from Korea. <--- You're talking about this one right?
I am laughing so hard at that butt tag. @VinMcCarthy's first comment makes it that much funnier too. Oh man.
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