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And just in case you guys don't know much about Nolan Ryan...

During his twenty-seven year career in the Major Leagues, he recorded

324 Wins 292 Losses 3.19 ERA 5714 Strikeouts and...

7 No Hitters.

Did you guys know about this?

Ridiculous, isn't it? smh.
@ButterflyBlu Yeah...I was so surprised when I found out Nolan Ryan never won a Cy Young! I mean I've never seen him pitch live, but from what I've heard, he was one of the greatest pitchers in all of baseball history!
@mchlyang he totally was! Yet never recognized. It's a disgraceful... Kinda like being a Pirates fan. Hahahahaha!
I def know a fair amount about Nolan, but I didn't know he never took home the award.. looking at his all time numbers, it seems like he had to have been snubbed at least three or fours times.. which is horrible, lol
@christianmordi Yeah bro......I guess it was as competitive as this year's NL Cy Young race!