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{TT} Creepy Witch of the Waste
Well, I hope I didn't scar too many of you with this image but Witch of the Waste from Howl's Moving Castle is my pick for Creepiest Anime Character for @RosePark's Twisted Thursday challenge!
I mean...I can't be the only one creeped out by her. And this is just the start!
She then turns into this. I do like this hair better though.
And then she tries to be all adorable but I find her creepy. I don't know why.
She also turns nice and stuff but I still find her creepy. Probably because I never trusted her character till the end.
And this was the image that was always stuck in my head.
I honestly think it's the whole Ghibli old evil lady art style that gives me the creeps but she was alright in the end.
I love how this turned from creepiest anime character to creepiest anime character who's also kind of adorable. XD
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@MattK95 As expected, a true fanman at heart. Lol
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@poojas of course ^^
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Jabba the hut vibe going on.
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She is crazy
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