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Pokemon Go Will Redefine Pokemon
You want to be the very best. Like no one ever was.
To catch them? that's your real test. To train them is your cause.

Oh yes, you want to be a Pokemon master.

Next year, the opportunity to do so may be closer than ever.

That's right people, in 2016, it looks like we will all be able to be the Pokemon master's we've been training to be since we were kids.
Nintendo/Creatures Inc and Game Freak are parterning with Niantic Inc., an established augmented reality game studio, in order to produce Pokemon Go, an augmented reality game for your iPhone or Android.
Basically, it will allow you to find and catch Pokemon in the real world, by using the app and going to locations where they can be found. The trailer above is an exaggeration of what the game would actually look like but the concept is there; going to real-world lcoations in order to collect Pokemon.
More than just catching these Pokemon, though, you can also trade and battle them with other Pokemon Go players. Basically everything that you had in the old Gameboy games, you have now on your smartphone.
Also, for those who might be put off by the idea of checking their phones constantly to find that elusive Eevee, have no fear. In addition to the app, there will be an item called the Pokemon Go Plus which will ping whenever there is a Pokemon nearby. So you'll just have this kind of poke-bangle.
Now, this means a lot and it brings up a lot of questions. Like how will we train our pokemon? How do I explain the fact that I'm in an abandoned cemetary looking for a Gengar? How many Pokemon can we have? Why did that kid run out into a category 5 hurricane screaming Lugia?
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@ChristopherSuta I think you nailed it with that resignation letter! @butterflyblu you've got the right idea.
2 years ago·Reply
can't for it to come out ;)
2 years ago·Reply
@KrissyKadooka me neither! Know for one, I would be running amok trying to get the limited time pokemon releases.
2 years ago·Reply
I think it needs Internet so problem 1 is BIG
2 years ago·Reply
@JabirAli well you can find wifi or use data, I feel like thats not so big an issue in the modern day
2 years ago·Reply