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Okay okay... I know I kinda fell off the bandwagon weeks ago, but y'all I can't swim so I sunk... I finally found Dolphins, that knew the fangirl struggle, to bring me back to surface.... So this card was actually supposed to upload Saturday, but since I got a new phone, it didn't finish and completely wiped it out... so I will be playing catch up, 3-4 cards a day *Pre Warning* Let's get started!
Okay so you know how they say laughter is the best medicine right?? We'll ladies and gents, Ravi is definitely the best medicine... (sounds so bad-will probably facepalm myself later) What I mean is that I could listen to his laugh 25/8 But I'm serious... his laugh is the best, and under that stoic hard rapper, he is a goof that I adore ♡.♡
Here is the wonderful Leo... Now I like him because he's reserved, quiet and shy; get him around kids and you will instantly hear the feels generated from fangirls EVERYWHERE..
N! He to me is a fantastic leader. You can tell he has heart and soul for his group. I love the dedication to his friends and I think N is one of the best!!! Keep up the work darling!
Hongbin seems Extremely sincere in everything he does. His smile brings out the dimples; which in return, brings out the feels.. He's a sweetheart!
Scuse me y'all as I. contain. the. feels. This goofball here is 1000% Perfection... He's adorable and unique and I must hug my phone now *hugs phone* okay! I think I'm okay.. . . did I mention he's 1 of my biases?! I LOVE KEN. .. THERE I SAID IT!
UHT-OH Now we come to Hyuk... the guy that most definitely can turn my list upside down... I love how he's Perky and mischievous!! Plus look at him.... He's adorable to the point that my can turned into "cant" Good Lawd... Heaven's to Murgatroyd...
So yes! This is what I love about the members of VIXX.... Plus they're all so so dreamy *Le Sigh* Disclaimer* *I don't own the material used..* @byeolbit here is day 4!! Card 5-7 will be uploaded later!
@AimeeH *squeezes* yesssss you're so right!!!
@byeolbit okay! instead hugs are better than tears!
@AimeeH hahahaha ok I won't cry!!
@byeolbit please don't cry c: we'll be crying together lol! Haha right!
you're making me wanna cry AHHHH so great :( :( i also could listen to Ravi's laugh 25/8 hahahahhaa
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