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So yesterday I watched this performance by Mino on Show Me The Money 4.. and I was completly blown away! Its been a while since a song has hit me like this. Aaaahhhhh and Taeyang ' part was perfection! Like really I cried and I haven't even looked at the lyrics, since I do understand some of the words I can just imagine how deep this song is. This is ART!! (RANT OVER lol) Makes me want to watch the complete season.. Have any of you watched this performance? If not, do it now!
I know, I know!! and when his dad wiped his tears,, TT_TT @kpopandkimchi
Whoa way to make me cry! When he hugged his dad I just about lost it and then when he thanked his family and company and members and d'awww im just a wreck now THANKS A LOT
I loved this performance! I also liked Okey Dokey!