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Hey everyone, today marks the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month. So it runs between September 15th to October 15th. Yay!
There are a lot of things I am proud of being -- being Latino and Hispanic are two of those things. There are so many aspects bellied inside of the hispanic culture, that are shared amongst the different hispanic people. There's certainly a familiarity, and even bond that we as hispanics share.
From our tipsy celebrations, to the romance of the Spanish language -- the culture is held together by loyalty and love.

What I love Most About Being Hispanic:

Mi familia

It's the family bond. Everyone from the cousins I never met, to my abuelita who I stay up laughing with at night. There's a strong bond in our family unit, and we've always told each other that they we will be loyal to each other -- no matter what. Family is a very important part of the hispanic culture, my culture.

What do you love most about the hispanic culture?

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@alywoah yesssss it's such a lovely culture ! jaja full of sazón
claro que si ;) @jibarito
wooooo what a cool culture! I’m not a part of it, but I love all things Hispanic and love to learn more about the culture.
I love the fact that we are loud. Constantly. Oh, and yea coqui is pretty good too lol
You mean coquito!? Coqui is a frog in Puerto Rico...;) Yes, are voices radiate the room jjajjaaa! ^_^ @Goyo