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Mama Kimchi is activated.....I'm pissed.

My baby girl Yeri from Red Velvet just got put through something no one should ever have to go through.
They were doing a live broadcast for the V App and some crazy netizen left a comment saying:

"Yeri you wh**e stop acting out before I stick a knife in your p***y"
As you can see in the video I attached at the end of this card, both her and Wendy see the comment and they look really upset. Yeri looks like she's on the verge of tears :(


I hope she realizes its just one insane individual online and that there is a huge awesome fan base out there that loves her a lot.

She's 16 for god's sake!!! Why would you say that to anyone let alone a 16 year old!?!??!

It happens at about 17 seconds into this video. You see Wendy and Yeri's faces completely change. (They are the two members standing in the back)


not really big into red velvet but no one should ever go through that and the fact that it was being broadcast was even worse. some kpop fans need to have several seats and take manners 101 course. seriouly.
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SERIOUSLY..... What the heck. Why are people so mean? I don't know much about Red Velvet, but I just get so mad when people diss on idols. Like all of my comments I made in previous cards, idols work their butts off to please the fans, not those crazy haters or anti-fans. And plus, she's still SO YOUNG. Come on now people. Do you even have a life in order to be saying that language to a 16 year old? ( -_- )
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korean "fans" are the worst they have no heart.. if ppl went around saying this to their face they'd cry like the lil bitches they are.. I have no patience for something like this I would've made that chick cry.. I could never be an idol I'd never let anyone say that kind of shit to me or the ppl around me.. she needs a reality check. i hope someone gives it to her quick
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Disgusting. That is just disgusting to say to a 16 yr old. Even to other ages, it is still horrifying.
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Honestly, I'm glad that the members aren't going to quit doing what they love just because of this. Whoever sent that message, good job because now they'll prove to you how strong they can get by your offensive comment. You just gave them a good reason not to give up. But if you have nothing good to say next time, just don't say anything at all. A word of advice, ignore them if you don't like them.
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