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Another Monday, Another Challenge by @poojas. This weeks challenge is "Anime Opening Song". I love this challenge but I just can't pick one Opening, it's just impossible. So here are my picks.
Here's the link for those who want to participate as well:

-Shokugeki no Soma Op-

Original song is "Kibou no Uta" but man as soon as I listened to the song and the singers voice I loved it. I love J-Rock and the singers voice is so unique. I just have no words for this one, Just Amazing!

-Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin) Op-

This is an old one but not only the opening is great but the anime is my childhood and probably for other people as well~ I will never forget this anime nor the song. Every time I listen to it, it gives me goosebumps (the good kind). When I was a kid, as soon as I heard this, I could only think "This gonna be EPIC!".

-Fate/Zero Op-

Another epic opening for an epic anime. This one I watched it like a few months ago, but all the OST of Fate/Zero are songs you just can't forget, it just gets you in the feels with its soft J-Rock style it's just unforgettable. Oh and LiSA is amazing as well T.T

-Pokemon Op-

Do I even have to talk about this one? No one can stay quiet when you hear this song come up "I wanna be the very BEST!!"
Sorry for the long post but I'm just a fan of anime OSTs.
Thanks again to @poojas for tagging me and hope you guys like these songs as much as I do~
@poojas Can you blame me? lol It's Pokemon~
Cool choices. Was not expecting the Pokemon opening at the end! LOL
*high five* @RosePark Pokemon. Yes.
@RosePark True that
@ButterflyBlu Oh yeah!~ More pokemon fans :)