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Workout Playlist: Disney Hip-Hop Mashup

Is your playlist for the gym (OR JUST FOR LIFEE) getting pretty stale? Check out these songs. Love Disney? Love hip-hop? Perfect.

Stuntin Like Mufasa

(Simba vs Lil Wayne)

Snow White -- White Girl

Rock The Boat Under The Sea

(Ariel vs Aaliyah)

Never Had An Ice Cream Paint Job

(Aladdin vs. Dorrough)

That Girl Worth Fighting For

(Mulan vs. Wayne, Pharrell, Gucci Mane)
@alywoah these are freaking fantastic!! <3 I am totally going to use some of this for choreography. I could do a whole Disney recital...but with THIS version. (Edited. Parents killing me = bad thing.) Lol. Love it, girl.
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Ha! I am glad you love it!!! ^_^
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In love with this
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SAME! ^_^ @MooshieBay
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