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Dea is probably going to think I'm super creepy for making this, but I've admired her Rikku cosplays for a long time, so I kind of just wanted to spaz about them now!
I've been thinking about re-doing my first Final Fantasy cosplay (Selphie) so I thought it would be fun to look at how my friends did their Final Fantasy cosplays!

Meet Deanna!

You can find here or here or here, but the main thing you should note is that she's a really great cosplayer, and a really awesome friend!

Rikku/Cloud Splice

(photographer: Katsuya Weller)
I'm a super big Final Fantasy nerd (and I know I'm not the only one here), so seeings something like this come together was really awesome! You can clearly get the vibe of both Cloud and Rikku, and...to put it bluntly, Deanna looks hot! (Yes, Dea, you look hot). I think the most impressive part of this is definitely the sword. Yep. For sure.

Traditional X-2 Rikku

Rikku is definitely a popular cosplay in the convention world (especially for....well, hot girls) so I think some people kind of look down on it sometimes, but not everyone can pull off the right attitude for Rikku. Dea definitely gets it! Rikku is someone who will really fight for everyone she loves while still following what she believes in, and Dea is most definitely the same....so it's pretty appropriate that she did this cosplay!!!

I'm just including this picture because it's cool. SO COOL.

Laura (the girl on the right!) is doing a Lightning/Cloud crossover from one of his outfits from Kingdom Hearts!
There's so many cool, creative Final Fantasy characters our there, plus hundreds of crossovers like Dea's Cloud/Rikku that I'm tempted to try....the real problem is choosing which one to do first.
I'm still leaning towards Selphie, but Tifa and a few other characters have always been my favorites, so I'm not sure where to start!!!
Where do I beggggginnnnnnn!!!