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A Wisconsin woman, Lois Matykowski, has been attracting media attention after she finding her missing wedding ring. Turns out, it'd been sitting in her dog's digestive system for quite some time. Five years' time, to be exact.

Talk about finding a diamond in the 'ruff'!

(Sorry, I know. But that joke just had to be made.)
It all started on a warm summer day, when Tucker, the canine vacuum pictured above, gobbled up one of Lois' grandchildren's ice pops.

"He's known in the family to be the food burglar. After I turn around and I look at my granddaughter, the popsicle is gone and there's Tucker you know, smacking his jaws."

Unfortunately, nobody told Tucker that when you steal someone's popsicle, you're not supposed to eat the stick. And he spent the next two days trying to throw it up.
When he was finally successful at throwing up the popsicle stick, that's when Lois made the discovery that left her absolutely shocked:

"Stick and all, everything came out. I look in the paper towel, and there's my wedding ring. I kid you not. My wedding ring was in Tucker's puke!"

You know, this is almost a cute story until you get to the 'Tucker's puke' part. (Although, better that end than the other.)
The ring has been heavily sanitized, the dog seems to be done with puking (for now), and serenity has been restored to the Matykowski household.

"I'm just elated that he threw up on the carpeting and I don't even care. I have my wedding ring back, and Tucker is big dog on campus right now. My friends have even joked, 'I want a dog that throws up diamonds!' Like, who wouldn't, right?"

Welp, time for me to walk on out of here and shake off all the 'eww' I'm feeling right now.
that joke... had a very RUFF punchline
I heard that laugh coming right through the screen @danidee
@nicolejb Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I appreciate that so much actually. I AM ON YOUR PAGE.
@jokes Don't lie. You laughed.
This is really cute! Im glad they found the ring and I really do hope Tucker never pukes again!
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