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Its just gifs and a sentence sprinkled with sarcasm. Doesn't need a long as* paragraph about it.
"Am I a cheerleader? Or a Magi?"
Attack me? Then say that you know what anime is? BEST FRIENDS FOREVA!!
I'm bored. I must do boy stuff.
Did anybody see that?! HE WINKED! AT THE CAMERA!....which is me....
You're my new bff! Because I'm like that. And you're like that. So we're both like that.
I saw 2 Jellals today, blew chances to even date them, and now I saw another one. *faints*
it looks like Natsu has a picture of that mouth just taped I the only one seeing that?
Is anybody seeing Grell Sutcliff in this woman?
Hope you guys enjoyed it! :) ♡ ya amazing peeps!
This was a really, really good idea!! I hope you do more of these. You guys should turn this into an anime captioning game!
@poojas the magi boy's name is Aladdin. A really strong boy, but a pervert. XD
@danidee @poojas That's a great idea! Maybe I'll do it!
@NerukaWong OMG you should totally do Anime Caption Contest! XD
@NerukaWong Oh lol. He looks like he's 5. XD
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