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It's pretty tragic actually.

She's got several ex boyfriends (including a carnie, a lawyer, and a KGB agent), but nobody stuck with her. Granted, her game could use a little work.

Queue the chorus of TLC's "I Don't Want No Scrubs."

For some reason that's not a turn-on.

Queue the chorus of "Independent Women" by Destiny's Child.

"I'd like to see you here again."

"That would defeat the purpose of a disguise."

Queue the chorus of "Take Me Out" from RENT.

Don't worry Natasha! One day you'll find love.

Then again... relationships are overrated.

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God yes!!! Thanks @shannonl5. Natasha surely could use some/all of ^these!!
@mistymaity lol I can just imagine her being on the cover of Cosmo giving terrible advice to the world... I'd totally listen to her though XD
@shannonl5 I would, too. I'd be more in favor of her love advice than Some of the advice in Cosmo. Lol
@ButterflyBlu omg me too. Cosmo: "How do you satisfy your man?" Black Widow: "Men are grown-ups they can take care of that themselves" LMAO XD
I LOVE THIS CARD SO MUCH. Especially the implied background music lol.