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Link: Plot: Hyeong-Do is an assassin for a company that masquerades as a metal trading company. One day, he takes on a job partnering with a man Ra-Hoon, who he is to kill afterwards. Hyeong-Do visits Ra-Hoon's home where he meets his mother Su-Yeon. Su-Yeon is a former singer whom Hyeong-Do admired in the past. Guilt, an unknown feeling up to this point surfice for Hyeong-Do. When Hyeong-Do's company realizes that Hyeong-Do hasn't taken out Ra-Hoon as planned, Hyeong-Do quickly becomes their target ... Cast: So Ji-Sub as Ji Hyeong-Do Lee Mi-Yeon as Yoo Mi-Yeon Kwak Do-Won as Kwon Jong-Tae Kim Dong-Joon(ZE-A) as Ra-Hoon Jeon Kuk-Hwan as The company president Jeon
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