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You're in high school. You're in and out of the Principal's Office because you would rather speak with your hands instead of your words. You don't really care about winning the fight. You only care about standing your ground.
You feel like you were born into a world that did not accept you. It is your Senior year and you still feel like your back is up against the wall. You don't feel like you'll ever fit in. You look at High School and your life as a prison.
You just want to do your time and get out.
As you sit in the hallway outside the Principal's Office, you find yourself clicking around on your smartphone to pass the time. You start watching the latest trailer for Creed. It's apparently a new installment to the Rocky movies, you think to yourself. You remember your father and the way he'd take about these movies.
You remember your father. And the way he'd stand next to you and show you how to throw punches. He was no boxer but he's been in fights and he wanted you to know how to defend yourself. You continue watching the trailer. You remember your father.
The trailer ends and you stare at your hands. The bruised knuckle on your left and the broken knuckle on your right. It's perpetually swollen. You don't feel anything when something collides with it. You try and count all the fights you have been in. You can't keep track. You try to think about why you love to fight. You can't understand.
You think of your father.
You can't hear what they're talking about but the Principal and one of your favorite teachers walks out of the room. He sits next to you and starts talking. You try to listen, he is one of the only people that you feel comfortable talking to. He continues to speak. He says he knows where you have been. He says he understands.
You decide to open up to him. You tell him how you don't really feel comfortable in your own skin. How you feel like there is something bigger than you that is following you, you laugh and joke that it is an evil spirit that is following you. But it seems like everything is crashing around you and everyone that speaks to you has vitriol in their voice.
You tell him about the movie trailer you watched while you waited for him to come out. You tell him how it reminded you of your father. Then you tell him you haven't been the same ever since he had died. That you feel like you don't have anyone in your corner anymore. You tell him that you feel broken and alone and all you want to do is break and make others feel just as alone as you.
He puts his arm around you. He assures you, you are not alone.

You remember your father.