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The (Not-So) Definitive List of Where to Buy Your Cosplay Wigs!

Since I've been in the market for a new wig (or 2) for my upcoming Nozomi cosplays, I've been researching alllllllll the wig sellers that I can to see where I should purchase from.
And since I know I'm not the only one looking for good wigs that are affordable, I thought I'd put together a cheat sheet or sorts for reliable sellers to check out and unreliable sellers to avoid for everyone!

Here we go! Wig Buying Cheatsheet, Activate!!


These are the sellers that I have personally had problems with, or I know to be made with incredibly low quality fibers (aka it won't last and it will look ugly!). Buy from these sites/stores at your own risk!! You can get a better wig for the same price from some of the sellers below.
Party City & Halloween Stores
Wigs made for parties and Halloween are not made to last a long time or to be of the highest quality. Trust me. Just don't buy these!!! If your wig goes missing 1 hour before a con, fine. Otherwise, don't do it.
Ebay Sellers With No Reviews!
See below for more explanation about when its ok to buy from ebay.


There are more reliable wig sellers than these, but these are the ones that I personally own wigs from, or I know someone who has purchased from them before.
Listed from least to most expensive, generally.
Ebay Sellers With Reviews!
They're not all reliable, but I have had very good luck with quite a few sellers from Ebay! CosplayDNA, WigsFashion and this one are just a few of them. With Ebay, always look for high reviews, and make sure they have some sort of return offer allowed. You can also find many pre-styled wigs here!
Wide-range color chart, fairly generic so can be styled, mid-range prices.
Epic Cosplay
Great interface in which you can choose the style and the color. Affordable. Can choose different fiber options.
Arda Wigs
Shipping from USA, FAST and high quality. More on the expensive site. Sell at a large number of large US cons, so you can see the colors in person if you want to.
The Princess Serena wig from the top is from Arda!

I'll keep updating this cheat sheet with more companies as I find them or buy from them!

If you have a favorite, reliable seller (or one that you hate!!) let me know, and I'll add them to the list!
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