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{MM} Death Note
The first opening for Death note was my ultimate favorite. Every time I listened to it I would get super excited and would start to try and sing along! @poojas
This is the song! ^^
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Ah you chose my favorite anime's opening! ^^ You should totally add a YouTube video of the Opening to the card so everyone can listen and enjoy! :)
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@poojas Thanks! I just added it!
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@CassidyCathell Ahhh, this makes me want to rewatch Death Note lol. How did you feel about the 2nd opening. That one's so crazy! lol
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This is also an awesome opening!!! How could I forget T.T @CassidyCathell I'm glad you put this!!! ^^
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@poojas I loved the second opening also! @RaquelArredondo and thank you! I'm glad many other people enjoy this song too! :)
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