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We've all been in that situation where you find yourself attracted to your best friend. But every time you thought about making a move or letting them know how you feel, it seems like they're in a relationship or just getting out of one (meaning they're emotionally unavailable).
You Won't's song Who Knew? perfectly describes this feeling. Every verse starts with a "what if..." sort of situation and those kind of thoughts circled my head when I went through this exact situation myself (at times, it seems like I'm constantly living through this). Even though it's a hard feeling to shake, listening to this song is a good way to feel less alone about your troubling situation.

Notable Lyrics:

If I was a hundred and three, I would share all my boring stories, with you. But you caught me too soon, now, darling what can I do, now. All along I did what I could, but you tell me my timings no good. Who knew?
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great song, never heard this one before.