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Alert: this is going to be much lamer card than it could be. Like, really lame. Because there isn't anything super exciting I want to do with VIXX.

If I had the chance to hang out with VIXX for the day, I'd want to do a bunch of really normal stuff.

Mostly because I want to know what they're like as normal dudes!

First, we'd have a crazy brunch.

Because these boys need to eat. A lot. Because I said so. We'd get Leo some coffee, Hakyeon some banana milk, and whatever everyone else likes. Then we could just sit and chat and relax and even though that's not super exciting, it would be really nice!!

Then, we'd go play laser tag!!

Also, kind of lame, but I think it'd be fun. All of them get competitive when playing games, and even if there'd be some sore losers (cough Leo cough), I think they'd have fun running around and trying to "kill" each other. And it hurts less than paintball so no one can complain.

After that, we'd have to get some ice cream!

Because who doesn't love ice cream?

Then, we would all have a karaoke session together!

I want to get to see them perform, but I don't want to ask them to perform their songs "officially" for me on their day off, because how lame is that? So we'd all sing together!! It'd be fun (and embarrassing) to sing their songs with them at karaoke, but also to see what songs they'd choose to do. We'd definitely do some English songs, too!!

Lastly, we'd go Stargazing!

Because Starlights. Because I'm lame. Because I love space.

What would you day with VIXX be like?

@baileykayleen It is @.@ it'd be so fun to do with them!! Though I'd be worried I'd fall asleep hahahaha
Star(light) gazing is the best thing.