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Who's your favorite Kpop Artist?
I know it's not Kpop Monday today-- sadly, I had a lot of homework yesterday and couldn't post one. So instead I will post a Kpop Tuesday!
So for today's Kpop Tuesday, who is your favorite Kpop artist? Well, as you all tell, mine's G Dragon! Yes, the rapper, the dancer, the one and only... GD!
Yes, I'm a huge fan of his. He is definitely on my top A-list of one of the most adorable Kpop artist. He is shy guy, but that's what makes him so adorable...
I know this is short, however, I want to ask you all. Who's your favorite Kpop artist?
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My favorite is Nam Woohyun! he is talented and he sings and acts and dances and genuinely cares about his fans.
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