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so i came back to school yesterday and since i missed school for 2 day cause i got sick then plus saturday and sunday........anyways well i knew i was behind alot and my speech teacher explained a whole new concept so i was like i have no idea what thr heck she saying
i guess she saw how i stop paying attention and how counfusied i was cause she looked at me and told me "ill give you the notes another day but pay attention cause we are gonna review so you can get an idea"
So i started taking notes while the class was reviewing and coping some of the stuff i missed in that class......Then she started explaining different types of listening.....which was some notes i was coping down
while she was explaing i was like ohhhh okay i kinda getting this now until she mention the word......BIAS
she explained how one type of listening has many objectives but the main one is YOUR PERSONAL BIAS
She kept explaing focusing on Personal Bias.....she also said if you dont agree with a person or dont pay attention it has to do with your bias......while shes explaning im here like omg this so true and laughing like crazy
so i decided to put my kpop Knowledge with what she taught me about your personal bias and surprisingly it works.......i feel so smart lol not even hahaha :[]
so everything is cause by your personal bias.......you see V what you do hahahah awwahhhh its okay i still love you......
im gonna try to find more short cuts like this hahaha.......has this ever happened to you or something like that? comment down below i would love to hear your stories :[] love you guys bye bye <3
Everytine my teacher says "remember this, this is key to passing" SHINee is all i think about for the next 45 minutes in that class
Yay public school actually taught someone something useful~!! *throws confetti* *throws house party* *throws a whole block party* make a holiday for this shit!! lol
i heard bias once in world history and I payed attention throughout the whole thing. i had the worst teacher for that class but one qord can get my attention
@B1A4BTS5ever thank you! :)
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