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@AimeeH and all other fellow Dongwoo fans. These are for you. Let's celebrate Dongwoo today. Here you go @OleysaSencen :)
That smile. Just stop lol...
And I'll just end with this lol...sigh..I need to take a break ~>_<~
This was just something a friend requested and I hope she likes it. Leave more suggestions down below. See u next time ✌
omg! He's my bias. I love him so much and those lips omg I just I just can't =>. <=
@wllmvns I don't care for yogurt but that would change my mind
Am I the only one who thinks the last gif was just Dongwoo porn? God he's sexy!!!!!
Dongwoo is SUCH a character. Am I the only one who finds him absolutely gorgeous?? His face is so exotic and he has such a happy and bright smile. On top of that his personality is so vibrant and energetic, never boring! And his sense of humor is on point. Sungjong is my ultimate bias, but Dongwoo is just awesome.
lol @AimeeH I know right
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