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@AimeeH and all other fellow Dongwoo fans. These are for you. Let's celebrate Dongwoo today. Here you go @OleysaSencen :)
That smile. Just stop lol...
And I'll just end with this lol...sigh..I need to take a break ~>_<~
This was just something a friend requested and I hope she likes it. Leave more suggestions down below. See u next time ✌
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Am I the only one who thinks the last gif was just Dongwoo porn? God he's sexy!!!!!
@merryjayne13 not the only one. He should be illegal. No one is that sexy!!!!!!
@merryjayne13 Lol its actually from a radio broadcast he did with L for a yogurt product
Dongwoo! bad boy! why is your hand in your pants!?
@wllmvns I don't care for yogurt but that would change my mind