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Survey Says: Who Should Initiate A Goodnight Kiss?
As I've mentioned before, first dates can be super awkward [see card here] -- but they are also what you choose to make of it. In most cases, if a date went smooth, prior to parting ways you usually end things with a hug and if you're lucky enough -- a kiss. When it comes to a goodnight kiss, trying to figure out when to go in for the kill or who should initiate the kind gesture can sometimes be rather confusing.
In my person opinion, I always say -- if it feels right, go for it. It is no longer 1959, women can take the lead if they choose. You don't have to wait for the guy to kiss you first. Be independent and show him that you're interested. I bet there will be several dates to follow if executed in that manner. But who am I, but one voice out of many.
Just make sure you steer clear of doorbells.

Ladies and fellas, who should initiate a goodnight kiss? Are there rules or does it really matter? Chime in.

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Oooooo @JPBenedetto that would really get my heart beating fast :D I bet it felt magical! Such a romantic comedy moment. I feel so lucky when those moments happen in real life. They're rare, but romance is out there!! Also @JonPatrickHyde another amazingly thoughtful response, as usual sir :) I always enjoy reading your words.
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If I want the kiss and he’s not initiating, I’ll go for it. I have no problems with it :)
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im the same exact way @nicolejb
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independent strong ladies know what they want ;) @jordanhamilton
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