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As I've mentioned before, first dates can be super awkward [see card here] -- but they are also what you choose to make of it. In most cases, if a date went smooth, prior to parting ways you usually end things with a hug and if you're lucky enough -- a kiss. When it comes to a goodnight kiss, trying to figure out when to go in for the kill or who should initiate the kind gesture can sometimes be rather confusing.
In my person opinion, I always say -- if it feels right, go for it. It is no longer 1959, women can take the lead if they choose. You don't have to wait for the guy to kiss you first. Be independent and show him that you're interested. I bet there will be several dates to follow if executed in that manner. But who am I, but one voice out of many.
Just make sure you steer clear of doorbells.

Ladies and fellas, who should initiate a goodnight kiss? Are there rules or does it really matter? Chime in.

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The one element of human attraction that is nearly impossible to quantify is chemistry... it's a magical thing that a couple either feels or doesn't. I personally don't like "rules" for dating, etc... other than being respectful, courteous, and honest... which should be "rules" for interaction in every aspect of your life. If a first date has gone well and there's comfort and the moment is spontaneous, then it doesn't matter who initiates a kiss. There's no rule that says there has to be a kiss. It just depends on the moment. I do think that there is an outdated social expectation that females shouldn't be the initiators of physical contact such as first kisses, etc... the same outdated standard that says it's expected that a marriage proposal come from the male. I feel that if we are truly moving towards an egalitarian society where men and women share the same status and rights; these sorts of standards will need to be let go of for they still establish a position "dominance" where men are given the authority or power to decide these important moments. Ultimately I think these things are specific to a couple; there are men and women who prefer for one or the other to "take lead" in such matters. There are couple who truly want to decide these things together. And there are couples who don't seem bothered or seem to care which takes lead - working in tandem to accomplish their mutual goals. I think the most important thing in ANY situation regarding interaction with others - romantic or platonic, new or established, is to be honest with yourself in regards to what your values are and what is important to you. You also have to be willing to communicate your thoughts and feelings to those around you to avoid misunderstandings and miscommunications.
Here was one for the current sqeeze just pulled me into a kiss about an hour into our first date. It was refreshing actually to not have to wait, or to question for a while if he was or was not into me (other than platonically).
I'll just have to continue being my same old charming self :)
Yeah @buddyesd I think the look only works for the females lol sorry 馃槀馃槉馃槅
@jordanhamilton she asked me if I was having a heart attack or something hahaha
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