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If you thought you were head over heels for matte, think again.

Trust me, matte lipsticks are amazing and have changed my entire lipstick game for the better. But like anything, there is always something else coming in to steal the spotlight. In this case, we can't even complain because it is benefitting us beauty gurus in a positive manner. You have your mattes, your satins, your creme sheen's and now, you have the velvet lip.
This lip trend surfaced during New York Fashion Week and is soon to become a huge hit in the world of beauty. The name alone sounds magnificent, but the real trick of trade when it comes to achieving this super soft lip is applying a secret product to your lips. Makeup artists backstage this fashion week have been using this technique to not only soften the lips, but give it a luxe feel. The velvet lip would fall somewhere between a matte lip and a creamy lip -- sounds absolutely divine. Keep scrolling to find out the exact technique to perfect this look with the steps listed below..

Step One:

Start off with exfoliated, smooth lips. Add a matte lipstick of your choice. You want your lips to look precise and clean as possible. If need be, clean up the edges with a q-tip.

Step Two:

Using your finger apply a powder [pigment, eyeshadow or blush] the same color as the matte lipstick you previously applied to the lip. This will give your lips that velvety look.
Disclaimer: using a pigment can get messy and will take hours to fully come off your fingers.

It's literally easy as one, two, three.

The great thing about this technique is that it won't budge throughout the day.
Tip: If you can't seem to find a powder to match your lipstick, a finishing powder will work just as good.
I cannot wait to try it!! @PurpleChick
same here, its so easy to do it and looks really pretty at the end @jordanhamilton
thank you!!! :) I am def going to try out the velvet lip @PurpleChick
love this card :)