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Kylie fans, the wait is officially over.

A few weeks ago, Kylie broadcasted that she would be launching a beauty website in the near future. So, of course, beauty gurus and Kylie fans alike began to wait patiently. The time has finally come and is finally up and running -- for a small fee. Yes, you read that correctly. You didn't think you were going to get all the deets and tips from the Jenner herself for free, did you? No worries, it won't cost you much.
If you're interested in behind the scenes, tutorials and some of Kylie's favorite products -- you will be asked to pay a low price of $3/mo. On a brighter note, your first week is free. So, use that to your advantage and browse around. See if you're interested in more and if so, go ahead and sign up for the subscription. You won't regret it. Plus, who wouldn't want to know Kylie's next look before it debuts?

Do you plan on subscribing to be "in the know"?